mihomo v1.18.1 更新发布下载

Clash.Meta 是一个基于开源项目 Clash 的二次开发版本,并增加了一些独有特性;Meta 核心支持所有原开源核心的全部特性,受 Clash 删除影响,目前 Clash.Meta 已改名 mihomo 继续更新。

「mihomo v1.18.1 更新发布下载:」

mihomo v1.18.1 更新日志

What's Changed
feat: add DSCP rule for Tproxy UDP packets (#996) by @Pretze
BUG & Fix
fix(ntp): simplify NTP service initialization and error handling by @riolurs
fix: Converter SIP002 parameters parse (#976) by @snakem982
fix: exclude loopback on darwin by @wwqgtxx
fix: flush dns cache in android and cmfa build. (#971) by @ahmad Nazari
fix: h2mux udp not working by @wwqgtxx
fix: hy2's rawConn not closed by @wwqgtxx
fix: resolve IPv6 rule-set issue #959. by @Larvan2
fix: SUB-RULE with PROCESS-NAME rule payload not working (#953) by @cesaryuan
fix: tfo not working with smux/yamux by @wwqgtxx
fix: trigger-cmfa-update by @Larvan2
chore: add timeout option by @xishang0128
chore: better IPSet code by @wwqgtxx
chore: cleanup IPSet code by @wwqgtxx
chore: dscp support range too by @wwqgtxx
chore: generate release note automatically by @Larvan2
chore: hysteria2 add udp-mtu option default value is 1200-3 to match old version quic-go's capability by @wwqgtxx
chore: ipcidr direct using by @wwqgtxx
chore: limit the default url by @xishang0128
chore: modify initial resource update by @xishang0128
chore: read waiter for pipe by @wwqgtxx
chore: rebuild slowdown code by @wwqgtxx
chore: Redundant function calls. (#956) by @Vincent.Shi
chore: replace IpCidrTrie with binary search by @Larvan2
chore: return more information for the api by @xishang0128
chore: rewrite IntRanges constructor by @wwqgtxx
chore: slowdown wireguard dial retry by @wwqgtxx
chore: stop retry when couldn't find ip by @wwqgtxx
chore: store latency data more reasonably (#964) by @tommy
chore: trigger ci by @Larvan2
chore: update dependencies by @wwqgtxx
chore: update quic-go to 0.41.0 by @wwqgtxx
chore: update release note by @Larvan2
docs: by @Larvan2


mihomo v1.18.1 下载


「mihomo v1.18.1 更新发布下载:」

温馨提示:mihomo(Clash.Meta)只是内核,配置得稍稍折腾,使用 Clash for Windows 的替代品 Clash Verge rev 会更方便,并且已经内置 mihomo(Clash.Meta)内核。

另外:clash meta for windows = mihomo for windows = mihomo windows,clash meta for windows 下载选择 mihomo-windows 版本即可。

📣 mihomo v1.18.1 应该是新年前最后一个版本,预祝大家新年快乐!

「mihomo v1.18.1 更新发布下载:」

更多相关介绍见:Clash.Meta 是什么?

「mihomo v1.18.1 更新发布下载:」